Aspire. Evolve. Thrive.


Our business is built around a network of highly capable and impressive professionals, mainly stemming from backgrounds in consultancy, corporates, and private equity.

We advise individuals on the options open to them and help businesses to build high-performing teams of ambitious and talented professionals.

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It’s our job to make relevant and meaningful introductions, with the aim of forging beneficial relationships across our network.

Given the complexities of our industries, we don’t oversimplify or cut corners. Our team are subject-matter experts with extensive knowledge and training, allowing us to act as advisors and coaches qualified to find the right solution, whatever the brief.

Roles and sectors

  • Roles

    We work on roles within growth businesses, corporates, PE / VC, and consultancies.

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    • Start-ups / Portfolio Companies

      • Strategy
      • Operations / Transformation
      • Product
      • Business Development
      • Integration
      • CEO / COO / CCO / General Management
    • Private Equity & Venture Capital

      • Investment
      • Value Creation / Value Enhancement
      • Deal Origination
      • Investor Relations
      • Venture Building
      • Impact Investing
    • Corporates

      • Strategy / Corporate Development
      • Operational Improvement
      • Business Development
      • Insight / Analytics
      • Product Management
      • Programme / Project Management
      • Chief of Staff / EA Roles
    • Consultancy

      • Strategy
        • Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)
        • Growth Strategy
        • Go-to-Market Strategy
        • Market Entry
        • Pricing
      • Operations
        • Business Transformation
        • Strategic Implementation
        • Target Operating Model (TOM)
        • Change Management
        • Programme Management
        • Agile
        • Organisation Design
      • Innovation
        • Innovation Strategy
        • Corporate Venturing
        • Experience Design
        • New Product Development
        • Product Management
  • Sectors

    We cover a range of sectors, including:

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    • Retail and Consumer

    • Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT)

    • Healthcare, Pharma and Lifesciences

    • Sports

    • Hospitality and Leisure

    • Sustainability

    • Retail Banking and Fintech

    • Energy

    • Public Sector

    • FMCG

    • Business Services




To direct one’s hopes or ambitions towards achieving something.

Looking to move?

We help professionals from graduate through to board level find progressive, demanding roles across the market.

In reaching out to us, you are becoming a valued member of our extensive network of brilliant, inspiring professionals that we’ve spent the past 15 years building.

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We see our role not as a transactional one but as an opportunity to genuinely get to know you, to understand your interests and preferences, and to act as trusted advisors in order to build relationships that will last beyond the interview process.

We believe every professional we meet could be a future client, such is the confidence we have in shaping leadership teams of tomorrow.

Whether you are starting your search and want to know what your options are, or have a specific idea of what you are looking for, we would love to hear from you.

Get in touch

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To change, develop or grow.

Looking to hire?

We create tailored solutions for the varied and complex requirements of the businesses we work with.

Successful hiring depends on so much more than CV provision and we see it as crucial to build meaningful and trusting relationships that stand the test of time, working closely with the individuals we’re representing and providing support every step of the way.

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We can work in several different ways as part of our bespoke offering. Below are a few examples of different methods of engagement and ways of structuring a search depending on your specific needs.

Whatever the situation, we can find a solution that will work for you.

Our approaches

  • Retained

    An exclusive end-to-end partnership, from initial assessment of a market through to active candidate generation, interview screening, process management and eventual offer closing.

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    We will work with you to establish a cohesive, professional message in order to ensure the positive representation of your brand in the market.

    Throughout a retained search, we provide frequent updates on pipeline and progress, providing additional context on the market and on brand perception.

    Utilising our extensive network and thorough knowledge of our industries and candidate base, we will work closely with you to produce shortlists that don’t only look right on paper. Through this thorough approach, we can ensure even the most specific needs are met.

  • Exclusive Contingent / Contingent

    When time is of the essence, we can offer a fast and efficient appraisal of the best course of action to satisfy your needs.

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    Working on a contingent basis, whether exclusively or non-exclusively, we can identify key target areas and provide ideas either in shortlist form or filtering through as we meet and screen all prospective candidates.

    We provide frequent progress updates, advising on reception of the role in the market, potential challenges to overcome, and in doing so, assessing the best route to the outcome desired in the timeliest manner.

  • Campaigns

    Where there is a need for an intake of multiple hires, we offer full campaign management to take the heavy lifting off your hands.

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    Built on years of experience managing MBA, graduate, and internship hiring processes, we offer a fully outsourced service for large-scale employment drives.

    We will work with you to design a bespoke application process, identifying the pools of talent you wish to target, and managing all the marketing, planning, talent attraction, and execution required to successfully find a new generation of joiners.

    Once through the initial stages of screening and assessing, the final hiring decisions will be made by you.

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To be successful. To prosper and flourish.


Since our inception in 2005, we have taken a unique approach.

Establishing relationships as early as graduate level, we act as trusted advisors for those in our network throughout their careers, helping with their progression to senior leadership and beyond. This results in our network growing and maturing organically, and our relationships deepening throughout.

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We make the effort to meet all of those we represent, investing time in getting to know each of the professionals we’re working with to ensure we can act as true advocates for them at every stage of their careers.

In this vein, we draw no differentiation between candidate and client, viewing everyone we interact with as a professional to whom we can offer our help and advice. Maintaining relationships built on trust and integrity is what has enabled us to succeed in a competitive industry and build a vast network of interesting and inspiring professionals.

The Cornell brand today is emblematic of this longer term, considered, relationship-driven approach. We take pride in the standards of service we set and continue to uphold, and believe every stakeholder we invest in deserves that investment.

Working at Cornell

Join us

We are always open to discussions with recruitment professionals (and aspiring recruitment professionals) looking to further their careers in our industry.

Our team is made up of bright, ambitious, credible professionals who are committed to achieving excellence in everything they do. We are proud of what we have built and feel our unique approach opens up infinite opportunities to grow and develop, even for seasoned recruitment professionals. We are distinct in the deep-rooted relationships we’ve built within our network and recognise the true value of prioritising quality over quantity.

If our ethos resonates with you, we encourage you to get in touch – we have a phenomenal team and are always open to growing it further.